ROSE TOYS | A Quick Guide to Immortal Pleasure

ROSE TOYS | A Quick Guide to Immortal Pleasure

What’s your first impression of ROSE? Maybe Immortal Love, Romantic, or Dangerous Beauty.

In paradise of Juici Lucy, instead of roses with thorns, you may find some different roses, that get more closer to your garden of desire and eroticism-the rose toys.

If you are a sex toy owner and a social media user, you're likely familiar with the rose toy. The flower-shaped toy took social media by storm in 2021 and quickly rose to popularity.

The rose toy is a clitoral stimulation toy at the very beginning, which is perfect for the beginners who is not ready for a direct stimulation.The rose toys use air pulse and pressure technology to indirectly suck on the glans head of the clitoris, and the clitoris has great number of nerve endings, it’s an easier pathway to orgasm, it’s also an important component of sexual arousal.
So it could also be a better choice for those who find that on-the-spot vibration annoying, numbing or just too intense to enjoy.
Besides, the rose-shaped design is a great option for anyone who prefer their toys “cute, sexy, and less in-your-face phallic”.

Well, here today we will show much more than the basic, no matter if you are a beginner, or a senior player, I believe that you will be inspired by these roses.

Get back to the clitoris suction rose toy. We have found ROMANTIC, a clit suction rose toy with Ambient Light, which fits perfectly the romantic vibes of roses.

Before getting into the main event, turn on the ambient light, shrouding in 8 different colorful lighting modes. Then it’s time for sucking party.
Featured with seven intensity sucking modes that are supposed feels like cunnilingus. With one click of a button, the rose's internal vibration generates rotating airflow that sucks and teases, maybe to your clitoris, leading to an unimaginable pleasure.

If you are looking for a rose more direct, try this tongue licking rose.

With the soft and flexible tongue craning from the middle of the petals, press the control buttons and enjoy the 9 modes licking of the sweet paramour, that mimics the real oral sex. Besides the licking, the rose itself vibrates in 9 patterns, that make the licking even better.

What's great about these rose toys is their versatility. Try to not sit them on the head of the clit right away. Exploring the other ways that pleasure can show up is also full of joy in both solo play and in couples game. For example, all clit stimulation toys also double as nipple toys. In addition to your nipples, that could be erogenous zones like your or your partner's navel, thighs, anus, ears, and more.

For the sex toys masters that crave for a wilder play, you will like the combination type rose toy, which combines the outer stimulation, like sucking, licking, and the inner vibrating stimulation functions. And through the double pleasure, delivers a unmatched stimulation and back-to-back orgasms.

You will find the combination you like most in Juici Lucy. Here are some recommendations.

IMMORTAL FLOWER, suction rose plus a vibrating egg tail.

Immortal flower, you can enjoy Immortal love, romantic and pleasure all by yourself. The suction flower head completes the full foreplay sucking your honey spots, and you can explore all your sexy zone with it. When you are sinking into the desire, insert the vibrating balls into your vagina, just let the naughty ball wildly rock inside you. At this point, don’t forget the sucking rose, let your clit feel the suction and make everything out of control!

You can expect the same from ALICE, the tongue licking rose plus a thrusting vibrator.

Have a long journey with this soft tongue through the sweet spots of your whole body, destination will be the clitoris. If a vibrating ball is a naughty boy, this thrusting vibrator is more like a crazy lover, who will never let you go until you beg for a break with tear of satisfaction.

LIBRA, you might think it’s same as ALICE at a glance, a clit tongue licking rose plus a vibrator. I have to tell that be careful, LIBRA is a G-Spot expert.

You must have noticed the shape of the vibrator tail, yes, it’s specially designed for the vaginal climax! It’s a G-Spot tapping vibrator. Just try it over and over again, and you will know what’s your favorite rhythm and intensity that it tapping your G-Spot. You will find it easier to get the orgasms you have craved for.

These are just some examples of the rose toys in Juici Lucy, you can find so much more base on your pleasure demands. And all of our rose toys are featured with different waterproof level. So you can you can use the rose toys in the bathtub, shower, or even pool as you want.

OK you may loss your mind with these roses, but still need to keep these tips in mind.

  • The best way to use the vibratoris to start by applying a small amount of lube to the rose, and also to your body parts. The lube reduces friction and creates a smooth ride between you and the rose.
  • When you are going to direct the rose on the clitoris, instead of centering the toyover your or your partner’s clit, start on its side and move the rose around until find the spot that feels the best.
  • Based on the intensity of the sucking, licking or vibrating, either decrease or increase the speed setting to get the right amount of stimulation, or alternate between the levels. To have a safer experience, it’s better to start out on a low-intensity level, then take a break if it feels difficult to achieve orgasm.

Well, these rose toys may can do a better job than your partner do. But you know what makes it great? Exploring infinite possibilities in the ocean of pleasure with your love one.
No matter if you're a man, a woman, or any gender, you can give your lover a Rose Vibrator to make them feel lustful and satisfied, make them squirm and make love juice spread all over their body.

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