ANAL | Heaven or Hell Entering Through the Backdoor

ANAL | Heaven or Hell Entering Through the Backdoor

Are you still struggling with vaginal orgasm? Maybe you really want to know how good is it even though we know that the orgasm is not the only purpose of the sexual love. Or you have already been to the heaven, and looking for something more intense.

Have you ever thought about the backdoor? The Anal!

We all has delightful nerve endings in and around the anus.

For men, they can get orgasm through anus by stimulating the prostate, here we are talking about the prostate orgasm. The continual contractions during prostate orgasm are described as intense waves of extreme deep pleasure, that can be felt throughout the entire body.

Women don’t need a prostate to have an anal orgasm. They could indirectly stimulate a highly erotic pleasure spot- the saying A spot- along the vaginal wall via the anus with a penis or sex toy, producing some serious vaginal wetness and intense, full-body orgasms.

Only if you want it, you can try anal sex. It’s great for all genders who want orgasm and who want to explore their sexual interest and desires.

Some may feel nervous about trying anal. Will it hurt? Will I poo? What if I smelled bad...

Well, anal sex seems complicated, but it’s really not. A little prepare work and some patience could mean the difference between pleasure and pain. If you are about to give it a try, there are a few things you can do to make sure you and your partner have good experience.

  • First of all, anal sex shouldn’t hurt. The sensation might feel a bit strange for your first time, but hurt should not be part of it. The anus, not like a vaginathat gets wet, dry penetration is painful and can cause tears in the delicate skin of the anus. Also, you could get hurt if you’re not relaxed enough.
    So, please remember, always apply enough lubrication, and keep relaxing the muscles in the anus.
  • In fact, the anus tends to not be nearly as dirty as you think. Because the anus and the lower part of the rectum have very little fecal material in them. So take it easy. And if you're worried about poop making an appearance, going to bathroom before anal is a good idea anyway. Knowing you’re empty back there can help you focus on thesexy part.
  • Before anal sex some people may like to give themself an anal douching for a deeper clean. It could be safe every once in a while, but douching destroys your rectal microbiome, and may lead to higher rates of STD transmission, so regular use is not recommended. If you still want to clean up, some warm water or a soapy shower or bath could be sufficient.
  • You must use a barrier form of protection, such as a condom. The lining of the anus can be damaged due to friction, making it susceptible to be infected with HIV,gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes... And if you are going to switch between anal and other penetration sex, make sure you using a new condom or wash your hands or a sex toy thoroughly.

After all these basic works done, you might think that oh I’m so going to have that anal orgasm!
Well here in Juici Lucy, the point of the sexual love has always been Enjoy the process! So maybe we can start with How can we make the process of anal better.

Its Not All About Penis-in-Anus
Many people may think that anal sex is nothing more than inserting penis into anus. Yes penis-in-anus is indeed anal sex and it can be great. But don’t forget the finger, tongue, or sex toys... How they tease around your back door, massaging, licking... these are also important part in the anal play, as the anus is full of nerve endings that provide pleasure in and of itself, you can gain just as much pleasure without putting anything into it.

Start Small and Slow
Forget those hardcore banging scenes you’ve seen in porn. Going full speed with penis or some huge toy in anal play as a start, which could be the worst decision you have ever made in your sexual life, anal fissure or rectal perforation are just a couple examples.
We should start small and slow. using fingers, better with a well-lubed pinky, or small toys (if you use them), for example a very small butt plug, and gradually work your way up.
Over time, you might be able to start a little larger.

Practice before the Game
Trying anal sex with a partner is just like a regulation game, so why don't you try it beforehand? To explore more about our anus and know how we love about it, an anal toy could be a best training partner.

Communication is The Key
Being quiet is never a good choice in sex, especially when you decide to try something new with your partner, like anal sex.
Just let your partner know whether you feel good or you want to stop. This helps you both become better lovers and ensures that you’re both still into it all the way through.

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